Lab Alumni

Dr. Monica Farfan (Executive Director of the Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative) 
Postdoctoral researcher in the Wall Lab 
Colorado State University

Levi Johnson (Research Associate)
BSc Soil & Crop Science: Soil Ecology conc.
Colorado State University

Satyendra Kumar Pothula (Postdoctoral researcher)
PhD Ecology 

Dr. Andre Franco (Postdoctoral researcher)
Assistant Professor; Senior Global Futures Fellow, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Lab
O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Indiana University–Bloomington

Dr. Katharine E. Ankrom (PhD student 2015-2021)
Environmental Specialist
Ohio EPA

Dr. Carl Wepking (Postdoctoral researcher 2018-2019)
Research Scientist & Grassland 2.0 Program Manager in the Jackson Lab, Department of Agronomy
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Walter S. Andriuzzi (Post-doctoral researcher 2015-2018, visiting scientist 2018)
Senior Editor
Nature Communications

Dr. Ashley Shaw Adams (MSc and PhD student 2011-2018)
Assistant Professor, Biology
Appalachian State University

Dr. Elizabeth Bach (Post-doctoral researcher 2016-2018)
Ecosystem Restoration Scientist
The Nature Conservancy in Illinois

Dr. Tandra Fraser (Post-doctocal researcher 2013-2016)
Research Scientist
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Dr. Matthew Knox (Post-doctoral researcher 2013-2015)

Pilar Andrés (visiting Marie Curie researcher, 2013-2015)
Senior Researcher
Center for Ecological Research and Forest Applications (CREAF) Barcelona, Spain

Keith Post (PhD student 2015)

Dr. Zachary Sylvain (PhD 2013)
Science Director, Nina Mason Pulliam EcoLab; Assistant Professor of Biology, Biology Department
Marian University

Dr. Kelly S Ramirez (Post-doctoral researcher 2011-2013)
Asstistant Professor
University of Texas, El Paso

Dr. Martijn Vandegehuchte (Post-doctoral researcher, 2011-2013)
Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Dr. Pablo García Palacios (visiting Post-doctoral researcher, 2012-2013)
Distinguished Researcher at ICA-CSIC
Research Associate at University of Zurich, Agroecology & Plant-Microbiome Interactions

Marie Dam (Visiting student, summer-fall 2012)
Special Advisor at the Ministry of Environment and Food
Copenhagen, Denmark

Tracy Smith (M.Sc., 2011)
Associate Scientist at Integral Consulting

Dr. Uffe Nielsen (Post-doctoral researcher, 2008-2011)
Associate Professor
University of Western Sydney

Dr. Breana Simmons (Post-doctoral researcher, 2005-2009)
Professor of Biology
East Georgia State College–Swainsboro

Sarah Atherton (REU student, 2006-2008)

Dr. Youngkee Lee (Visiting scientist, 2006-2008)

Dr. Ed Ayres (Post-doctoral researcher, 2005-2008)
Research Scientist, Soil Ecology
National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)

Sanjay Advani (Research Assistant, 2005-2007)
IT Manager
Semester at Sea / ISE

Dr. Johnson Nkem (Post-doctoral researcher, 2003-2005)
Global Director/Project Coordinator, TroFCCA

Dr. Emma Broos (Post-doctoral researcher, 2003-2005)

Dr. Mark St. John (Ph.D, 2005)
Ecosystem Processes
Landcare Research, New Zealand

Dr. Andrew Parsons (Post-doctoral researcher, 1997-2003)
Natural Environment Research Council

Dr. Gina Adams (Post-doctoral researcher, 1999-2002)

Ana Child (M.Sc., 2002)

Nicole DeCrappeo (M.Sc., 2002)
Director of the Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center

Dr. Dorota Porazinska (Post-doctoral researcher, 1999-2001)
Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center
University of Florida

Dr. Debbie Krum (1999-2001)

Dr. Robert K. Niles (Post-doctoral researcher, (1993-2001)

Amy Treonis (Ph.D, 1999)
Department of Biology
University of Richmond

Dr. Laura Powers (Post-doctoral researcher, 1993-1998)
Agriculture & Food Security Advisor
USAID Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance

Ericha Courtright (M.Sc. 1996)

Sarah Spaulding (Ph.D., 1996)