M. Levi Johnson

Our newest Research Associate Levi comes to us from the Soil & Crop Sciences Department at CSU where he graduated with a B.Sc. (2022) focusing on soil ecology. His interests lie in the relationships between soil, plant, and aboveground communities. Levi brings a diverse background of skills and experience that contribute to his role here in the Wall Lab. He has prior experience in Dr. Steven Fonte’s Agroecosystems Ecology Lab where he contributed to a study measuring the carbon content of dryland agricultural soils under various cover crop treatments. He also contributed to a study quantifying methanogenesis in the coastal wetlands of Louisiana in the Wrighton Lab under P.I. Dr. Kelly Wrighton. In his off time, Levi also works with a co-host to bring academic research about soils, climate change, community and many other topics to listeners in a monthly podcast called Soilent Green.