The legacy of two soil biodiversity projects and a paper

The 1997 Ambio article “Biodiversity and Functioning in Soil”, by Lijbert Brussaard et al, was one of 3 selected for a 2021 Retrospective written by Lijbert for the 50th Anniversary of the journal Ambio. Lijbert recently wrote coauthors of the 1997 Ambio article about this recognition of their paper and said: “I highlight the importance of the SCOPE project on Soil and Sediment Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning (SSBEF) as well as the Tropical Soil Biology and Fertility Program (TSBF) and their visionary leaders, Diana Wall and Mike Swift, for agenda-setting our field of interest in research and its applications in society since the 1990’s.”
Lijbert’s Ambio retrospective “Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning in Soil: The Dark Side of Nature and the Bright Side of Life” is freely accessible online. The 2021 Ambio 50 (7) issue is devoted to ‘Agricultural land use’. The new article with two other retrospectives are available here.